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IMAGO "Getting The Love You Want"

Castle Retreat, UKPierrette and Roland are pleased to join our Imago colleagues Michelle and Stephen Bohls in offering an enchanting "Getting The Love You Want" castle retreat in England in August 2024.

Imago Couples Workshops

Imago is an approach that allows couples to manage and end conflicts in their relationship. Even if you feel you’ve grown apart or you have the impression that you and your partner are incompatible, Imago is a powerful tool that will allow you to reconnect, renew your love and regain your passion. Attend a couples’ weekend workshop and experience the transformation of your relationship!

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  • What is Imago?

    A Relationship Theory for Couples

    Developed by Harville Hendrix, PhD and Helen Hunt PhD, Imago Relationship Theory helps couples shift from conflict to connection by transforming the quality of their interactions and therefore learning Relational Competency.
    A Relationship Theory for Couples

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Imago Training for Therapists

For therapists, become certified in Imago Relationship Therapy and discover the powerful change it will bring to your couples.


Your Imago Trainers

Pierrette Richard
Psychologist, International Trainer, Faculty member of the Imago International Training Institute.

Roland Bryar
Imago Educator and Assistant.

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