Want to learn how to deal with relationship challenges in a calm connecting way? Do you feel you already have a good relationship and want to take it to the next level? Imago Relationship Therapy teaches Relational Competency skills that will help your couple become  conscious of root patterns that interfere with your desire for closeness. Together you will discover the power of Imago Dialogue to help you create your ideal relationship.

We strongly suggest you first consider attending a “Getting the Love You Want” couples weekend workshop/retreat as a first step before starting relationship therapy. Couples who have attended the workshop have priority for couple therapy sessions, as they have already integrated the basic skills needed to address specific relationship issues.

Contact InformationFor couple therapy appointment with Pierrette Richard, please contact the Clinic of Applied Psychology.
Telephone: (506) 858-9180
Email: info@cpamoncton.ca
Website; www.cpamoncton.ca