12 days (3 modules of 4 days)
Are you thinking about doing couple therapy but don’t really know where to start? Have you tried working with couples, but at times got really stuck? With Imago Relationship Therapy, couples often feel much more connected...even after their very first session. 
Imago Clinical Training will help you:
  • understand the unconscious universal dynamics of why couples select one another and why conflict occurs naturally.
  • guide couples to uncover the root problems and patterns fueling most conflict and disconnection.
  • teach couples how to communicate in a safe and structured way that removes blame, shame, and criticism and lays the foundation for deeper and healthier connections.
  • help couples heal together and work as a team.
  • expand the couples' relationnal skills so they can experience the relationship of their dreams.
  • expand your self-awareness of the core aspects of your own relationship patterns.
  • …and so much more

We are passionate about helping you on your journey of learning and developing as a Certified Imago professional. Once you’ve completed the training, you’ll become part of a community dedicated to transforming the quality of connections of people in all types of relationships. 

Connect your couples, connect to your new community, and help your clients develop  their Relational Competency. There’s a reason why Imago continues to grow in all cultures and languages. It’s simple, Imago Relationships work.

Developed in the 1980s by Harville Hendrix PhD and Helen Lakely Hunt PhD, Imago Relationship Therapy is a research-based approach practiced in over 50 countries in the world. Its effectiveness across cultures is a testament to the universality of the core skills involved in deepening human connection. 

Harville Hendrix has published over 10 books on Imago Relationships including New York Times Bestseller book: ”Getting the Love You Want” and the recent Clinician's Textbook: "Doing Imago Therapy in the Space Between." 

Watch for their upcoming Clinician’s Textbook: “Doing Imago Therapy in the Space Between.”

1- Therapists: Imago Basic Clinical Training CERTIFICATION:

  • Proof of registration and license to practice as a mental health professional in your country.
  • Attendance at a “Getting the Love You Want” or “Keeping the Love You Find” workshop.
  • Completion of 12 days of Imago Clinical Training.
  • Completion of 6 hours supervision (individual or group supervision)
  • Submit a passing video of your work.
  • Assisting a Workshop Presenter in a “Getting the Love You want” our "Keeping the Love You Find"  workshop.
  • Sign a Certification Agreement.

Graduate and postgraduate students are welcome and Certification will be given once above requirements are completed.

2- Auditor (Non-Therapist Partner)
Partners of trainees are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the Basic Imago Clinical Training at a greatly reduced rate. The couple will be able to experience the positive impact of the Imago tools and theory in their own relationship. Partners do not have to attend supervision nor submit videos.

2024-25 Calendar
Online Training in Imago Relationship Therapy

Pierrette will be teaching with Master Trainer Dr Maya Kollman. Learn more about Maya: www.mayakollman.com 

The training is divided into:
- 3 Modules of 4 days each


Module 1
Day 1-2: Sept. 6-7, 2024
Day 3-4: Sept. 27-28, 2024

Module 2
Day 5-6: Jan. 17-18, 2025
Day 7-8: Jan. 24-25, 2025

Module 3
Day 9-10: April 4-5, 2025
Day 11-12: April 11-12, 2025

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NOTE: Canadian Residents pay in CAD and American Residents in USD

3 000$
Auditor (Non-Therapist Partner): 1 500$

These rates do not include meals, lodging nor the supervision required after training to obtain Certification.


More info: info@amourimagolove.ca

Comments from trainees

“Pierrette and Roland were not only great instructors, they were great models on what conscious couples look like. They were able to explain (together and separately) the concepts covered in the IMAGO Level One Training so that they were understandable and replicable. I use some of their analogies and illustrations on a weekly basis as I work with couples and individuals. They are a pleasure to work with and to watch.”
                                       Tabitha R. Mann, LCSW, Washington DC USA

“Pierrette Richard and Roland Bryar are refined, authentic and very human. They are open, warm and welcoming; it invited me to communicate and connect. Simple, humble and also very coherent and clear in their explanations and in their educational demonstrations, they introduced me to an embodied way of listening and to show empathy the Imago Way. In that spirit, I’ve evolved with this theory thanks to their flexible approach, support and their coaching.”
                                     Alain Vincent, Psychologist, Montreal Canada 

“Pierrette Richard was a gracious and present individual. I found her to be very clear and articulate during teaching sessions, communicating ideas in a fresh and simple way. She is a joy to work with!”
                                   Heather Trapp Rowton, MDIV, Florida USA 

“Throughout my training with Pierrette and Roland, I felt very well supported and accompanied. Their respectful attitude, tinged with openness, kindness and sensitivity, allowed me to recognize and explore in myself the resources that are now manifested in my work as an Imago Therapist”.
                                   Nathalie Brault, LCSW, Montreal Canada 

“Pierrette is an excellent and skilled speaker and teacher. She genuinely connects to the fellow trainees and teaches with sincerity patience and care. Her and Roland have been a great example of a couple working on bringing their relationship to a conscious level. Their commitment to work on it serves as a teaching ground for fellow students and trainees. Pierrette is an exceptional Imago trainer and teacher. Whoever is lucky to learn from Pierrette will surely gain greatly.”
                                   Hadassah Lieba Norman, LCSW, Washington DC USA

“Roland and Pierrette are such a joy! This dynamic duo taught me how to work on being present and attentive. Their presence and supervision came with compassion, presence, a wealth of loving wisdom and I am truly honored to have been guided by their teachings of Imago therapy.”
                                   Jamice H. Holley MDIV, LGPC, NCC, Washington DC USA

“Pierrette and Roland brought so much warmth and expertise to our Imago training. They are extremely authentic, genuine, and kind. I feel lucky to now know them.”
                                   Ashley Bucci, LCSW, Washington DC USA