Pierrette RichardPsychologist, Imago Instructor and Faculty member of the Imago International Training Institute

Pierrette has been applying Imago Relationship therapy with couples for the past 20 years; she is an Imago Advanced Clinician as well as an Imago Workshop Presenter. She is co-owner of the Clinic of Applied Psychology, a private enterprise housing a group of psychologists. She is also a Certified Coach having worked in various business settings such as financial institutions, education, the health care environment as well as people and teams in private and governmental organizations. 

Roland BryarImago Educator and Assistant

Roland worked his whole career in the Cultural Sector. Lyric writing being his strong suit, Roland performed on stage in Canada and is also a Coach for Songwriting and Stage Interpretation. He has worked as Director/Manager for several cultural associations (radio broadcasting, theatre, visual arts) and has represented his region in Europe, Africa and Asia. Since 2004, he has followed the Imago Educator track and, with his wife Pierrette, has assisted in the Imago Basic Training as well as Imago Advanced Trainings.

Pierrette and Roland live in Moncton, in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. Since 2015 they present the Imago Couple Workshop titled “Getting the Love You Want.” They also offer Clinical Training for professionals interested in obtaining Certification in Imago Relationship Therapy.